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The tendency of many plastic materials to yellow is due to degradation by UV or visible light/Processing. The breakdown products absorb blue light, giving a yellow appearance in daylight which giving them a color that negatively affects their appearance.

Optical brighteners (OBAs) are additives that alter the visual properties of polymers and cause to improve the color of various plastics and can enhance the appearance by making it appear cleaner, brighter and whiter. They mask inherent yellowness in discolored polymers and impart unique, robust color to speciality plastic products. Optical brightener work via a fluorescent mechanism which absorb light in the ultraviolet range and emit light in the ultraviolet blue spectrum. Thus, on a white substrate that has been treated with an optical brightener appears to be “whiter” than the original untreated material.

Rakhshan Polymer Sanat optical brightener masterbatches are produced with specific formulations. These masterbatches have good fluorescent whitening effect and increase visual quality of polymers followed by reduce yellowing and opacity of surfaces.


  • Improve initial color
  • Mask natural yellowing of plastics and decrease it
  • Enhance the brightness of a product and loss of color opacity
  • Improve the surface whiteness of plastics
  • It gives smooth and glossy surface of polymeric film
  • Improves optical properties
  • Bring bright look of product
  • Create glossy surface
  • Increase the visual quality of recycled polymers

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